About Us


Root-Ed was started in 2009 by Broskii and XavierDarkness. They had a vision that soon became a reality thanks to the help of Android Code Expert "Kwogger". By April of 2010 the app was up and running and the site was getting popular by offering the Android community something different than forums. With Root-Ed, you have LIVE help from an expert in obtaining root access on your device once the exploit has been accessed. We've all posted a question on the forums only to wait 3 days before someone finally answers and it's usually a demeaning remark made rather than a helpful one... This is why Root-Ed is the up and coming center for all your rooting needs...

Our users

The users of Root-Ed are what keeps the site alive. They range from veterans in Android down to first time Android user. Our goal is to provide the community with a faster and more friendly method for helping people root their devices. So whether you're a Vet or a Newb, come on in and join the conversation!